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Ford Family Ministry Programs:

"The Gifted Gift"

The Gifted Gift
A multigenerational event full of music, drama, humor, prayer and community building.

“Planted, Rooted, Growing”

Planted, Rooted, Growing
​A 1-3 night parish mission event for the whole family. 

Carrie Ann Ford

Carrie Ann Ford Music and Ministry

Carrie Ann Ford is a singer, songwriter, presenter and teacher, who has been sharing her message of God’s unfailing love with audiences across the globe for over 20 years.  Carrie spent seven years touring the United States, Europe and East Africa using drama and music to communicate the awesome, healing, saving power of God in her life. This wife and mother of two has a special place in her heart for the youth of our country.  Her desire is to help them recognize their gifts, inspire them to use those gifts to bring light into darkness and to help them see God at work in their lives.

“We need more women out there sharing their faith with our young people today!”

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Carrie Ann Ford Music

Contemporary Christian music that is both honest and intimate. This music will challenge you, inspire you and become a favorite!


Carrie Ann Ford Ministry

Music, testimony, lots of participation and a whole lot of fun! Encourage and challenge your group toward a closer relationship with Jesus!


Carrie Ann Ford Calendar

See where Carrie Ann Ford is performing her Retreats, Workshops and Conferences on her calendar page. 


Carrie Ann Ford References

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