Carrie Ann Ford

Carrie Ann Ford

Carrie Ann Ford is a singer, songwriter, presenter and teacher, who has been sharing her message of God’s unfailing love with audiences across the globe for nearly 20 years.  Carrie spent seven years touring the United States, Europe and East Africa using drama and music to communicate the awesome, healing, saving power of God in her life.

Originally from the Buffalo area, Carrie Ann returned home and began sharing her original music, along with personal testimony and stories in a fun, energetic and impacting way.  She has been leading retreats, giving workshops, speaking at conferences and conventions and has been actively involved in Parish ministries.  Carrie has presented at Kingdom Bound Darien Lake, Lights for the World, local World Youth Day events, Aglow International and Diocesan Youth Conventions.   She can be found traveling across the United States these days sharing her music and stories with audiences of all ages.                                           

In addition to her work as a national speaker and retreat facilitator, Carrie Ann teaches guitar and directs the teen music ministry in her parish.  Carrie also provides music ministry in several other local parishes and is often accompanied by her two children.  This wife and mother has a special place in her heart for the youth of our country.  Her desire is to help them recognize their gifts, inspire them to use those gifts to bring light into darkness and to help them see God at work in their lives.​


Movies: Any sappy chic flicks and great dramas. (don’t push the reality button!)

Musicians: Natalie Grant, Selah, Sara Groves, Third Day, Pat Benetar, U2, Paul Weisenburger and just about any other brilliant musician.

Spare Time: (yeah right) fishing & hiking, out door concerts, relaxin with the family & friends....movie night! 

Reading: Christian fiction -wish I was a heavy reader (i.e. catechism & theology) but that just isn’t my gift.

Eating & drinking: Pumpkin chai latte, nonfat, with protein, no whip....the perfect drink.  Yes, I’m addicted-I need help and another job to cover the expense! 
  Gnocchi with homemade sauce-yum!  My tiny but amazing grandma used to make the very best.  I’ve been on a quest ever since to find another like it. 
   A good french onion soup and Time with friends over a wide variety of appetizers-you can keep the main corse, there’s never enough room. 


A supportive & talented husband who also happens to be my best friend. 

Two great kids- I am constantly amazed at who they are and the things they say.  How can anyone doubt God when these little miracles, with their own little personalities, come along and rock your world. 

Creative & patient parents who raised me and loved me anyway and supportive and generous in-laws.  How blessed am I!

It is my opinion that, while many friends are God’s blessing, one or two “thick or thin, better or worse” friends are necessary for continued sanity, accountability and existence.  I have that and I am ever thankful! 


Carrie Ann Ford Music

Contemporary Christian music that is both honest and intimate. This music will challenge you, inspire you and become a favorite!


Carrie Ann Ford Ministry

Music, testimony, lots of participation and a whole lot of fun! Encourage and challenge your group toward a closer relationship with Jesus!


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