Carrie Ann Ford - Ministry

“We need more women out there sharing their faith
with our young people today!” 

Carrie heard this comment time and again until she finally realized...
"Hey, that's me! I am a woman that God is calling!"

What can Carrie do for you?

Here are a few ideas:

Keynotes & Emcee:  Music, testimony, lots of participation and a whole lot of fun!  Giant convention centers or intimate church settings. Your theme or hers, Carrie will share with, encourage and challenge your group toward a closer relationship with Jesus!

Retreats:  Any age group, any location, day or weekend long!  You provide the venue, minimal supplies and the snacks... she will design a unique retreat experience for your group.

  • Middle and High School
  • Women's and Mother/Daughter
  • Parish Family or Faculty
  • Confirmation and First Reconciliation

Workshops & Conferences: Carrie has an easy, fun-loving way with any group she shares with.  She can supplement your ministry goals or provide a unique ministry experience based around all the incredible things God has done in her life.

School Assemblies: whole school are class divided.  Great event for Catholic Schools week or kick off a new year.   These are fun and very interactive with a powerful message; usually 45-60 min.

Here are some of the theme ideas Carrie has designed and presented 
or she can tailor make a program to fit your group and theme:

  • Carrie Ann Ford Youth Ministry
  • Carrie Ann Ford Youth Programs
  • Carrie Ann Ford Youth Workshops
  • Carrie Ann Ford - Conventions

Get The Beat:  Using drums and rhythm instruments and lots of help from the audience, this program is meant to highlight our unique gifts, our individual rhythms and what happens when we bring it all together in Christ.

Super Hero Power:  Be Incredible!  Realizing the power of the Holy Spirit with in each of us.  This program is meant to encourage and the build up your faith to give you the courage to become someone’s hero.

Roadside Assistance: Finding your way on the road way of life and recognizing the signs God puts before you.  In our busy, crazy world it can become very difficult to hear God’s voice and find His direction.  This program helps us recognize God’s voice in the chaos that is life. 

Swimming Against The Tide: Option 1 - for GIRLS only: Becoming women of faith against the tide materialism, vanity, promiscuity & peer pressure.  Making better choices.  Encouragement to keep swimming!  Option 2: Boys & girls together: taking an honest look at our media driven culture and learning tools to become strong swimmers against the culture current.

Flower Power: A look at prayer and how to make it part of your daily life.  This program looks at the difference parts of prayer as a petal on the a flower, when added to the prayers of the faithful is a truly beautiful and miraculous thing!  This works great in smaller groups between 10-50 people.

The Amazing Race for Grace: As part of a retreat day or smaller (usually under 75) youth event.  The groups follow clues, complete challenges and learn about the signs, symbols & scripture that bring us to the fullness of the sacraments.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, God’s the Creator of Us All: In a world of media and fashion models, we often loose sight of our own beauty and self worth.  An in depth look at ourselves the way society sees us verses the way God the Creator see us.  This workshop has often been coupled with topics such as depression & suicide,  chastity, abortion - choosing life, and forms of bullying.


Carrie Ann Ford Music

Contemporary Christian music that is both honest and intimate. This music will challenge you, inspire you and become a favorite!


Carrie Ann Ford Ministry

Music, testimony, lots of participation and a whole lot of fun! Encourage and challenge your group toward a closer relationship with Jesus!


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